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About Connor Books

Main Characters - Connor and Louise

At Connor Books, we believe that the best way to learn is through stories that inspire, provoke thought, and create lasting memories. Our collection of books follows the life of Connor, an energetic and curious elementary student navigating life’s ups and downs as he grows up in the village of Long Grove, Illinois. Here, you can explore Connor’s journey with his single working mother, Louise, as she does her best to curate the best life for her son.  Connor Books provides a unique look into the challenges and triumphs of everyday life.

Connor Books is the first series from the independent publishing house, Ailoce Publishing.

- Meet the Authors -

Authors Traci and Cole Dunn
Traci Dunn

Traci is a career Human Resources enthusiast who believes an organization’s success is driven by its people and its people strategy. Her strength is creating the conditions that enable people to be at their best. She is a courageous executive leader known for developing strong human capital teams and driving innovative talent strategies and business solutions. 


Traci has served as a Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Diversity Officer and other senior Human Resources roles across her career in a number of industries from Healthcare, Consulting, Financial Services to Manufacturing.  During a work transition, she nurtured her passion of storytelling to create books to help others develop and grow.

Cole Dunn

Cole is a vibrant, curious, intelligent and active elementary student.  He is the inspiration for the Connor Books.  Cole loves sports, especially basketball, baseball and swimming.  He is an avid reader and has been reading ahead of his grade level for quite some time.  He also has a vivid imagination and loves to write, draw, create and make up stories.  When it came to writing the Connor Books, his input and artistic design truly made the books authentic.  He has a number of ideas for additional Connor Books based on his experiences and his imagination.

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