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Connor and The Sharks Preview

I just received the cover art for our third book in the Grade School Adventure Series, Connor and The Sharks!!! I'm truly excited about this book as it is perfect for any child who loves the water and the thrill of competition. Follow Connor as he navigates his first year living in Long Grove, Illinois, and his journey of becoming a member of the Royal Sydney Sharks swim team. 


See how Connor learns to manage his emotions while striving to become

the best swimmer he can be. With colorful illustrations and an exciting storyline, this book will take kids on a fun-filled journey of courage and determination.

I'm thrilled for kids and parents alike to read this one because raising an emotionally resilient young man is no easy feat.  When you think you’ve instilled a growth mindset, you hear negative self-talk.  When you think he’s developed coping tools, you get an epic, angry meltdown.  While I’m sure there are similar struggles for girls, as a ‘Boy Mom’, I’ve found this journey to truly be a marathon, not a sprint--but with continued focus and support of our little people, we’ll get there!

Pre-order your copy now at! Estimated ship date in Mid May.

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