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Welcome to Lessons From Louise

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Who is Louise? Louise is a primary character in The Connor Books, she is the mother of Connor and is doing her best to curate the best life for her son. The character is based on me, Traci Dunn. I'm the co-author of The Connor Books with my son Cole. I named the character Louise after my mother, Louise Dunn. Everything I am and that I aspire to be is because of this woman!

Hattie Louise Dunn 9/10/29 - 12/11/20 was a native of Derita, North Carolina. She graduated from the Columbia Hospital School of Nursing and while serving as Miss USO in Columbia, South Carolina she met my dad Ecolia A. Dunn and they were married 9/11/54. Mom was a registered nurse, an incredible mother to six children and the epitome of a military spouse. Raising six kids, sometimes by herself when dad was deployed was a challenge, but she did it with grace and instilled so much in each of us. Now that I have my son, I want to instill in him what was given to me from my mom and dad.

Lessons From Louise is a place where I will share the lessons and learnings from my mom, it's also a place where I will share my triumphs and failures in my attempt to be my best self and raise a young man to become his best self. It is my sincere hope that through this storytelling, someone will be inspired, someone will be heard, someone will be helped, someone will feel seen, someone will read the right thing at the right time to get them through that moment because Climbing that Corporate Ladder While Female & Black is No Joke and we all know Mommin' Ain't Easy!!!

Louise Dunn - the inspiration for Lessons From Louise

A little about me - Traci Dunn.

I was born and raised in Killeen, Texas the youngest of the six and as I like to remind my siblings, they saved the best for last! After college, I embarked on a career in Human Resources spanning multiple industries, multiple companies and cities. After reaching my goal of becoming a Chief Human Resources Officer and turning 50, I'm now focus on living my best integrated life as a mother and executive.

I hope you will subscribe to this blog and journey with me in my quest to have it all. You know - we can have it all, maybe not all at the same time, but we can be at our best personally, professionally and spiritually with intention.

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